5 Awesome McDonald's Burgers From Around The World

Ever since McDonalds began to expand out of North America, into Europe and then other parts of the globe, its menu has naturally diversified too. 

Evolving from staple menu items such as Hamburgers and Fries, originally served in its founding restaurants, McDonalds now incorporates influences of various cuisines from around the world.

It’s no surprise then that ‘The Golden Arches’ offers some pretty unique and tasty food creations inspired by different global cultures.

Here's a list of 5 Awesome McDonald’s Burgers From Around The World:

Maine Lobster Roll (North America)

One of the most decadent items on this list actually comes from McDonald’s U.S origins.

Inspired by the classic Lobster Roll, this offering first featured on the North American McDonald's menu back in 1993.

Priced at around $9, the creation is a simple hot dog bun filled with Lobster, smothered in a creamy (if not vague sounding) 'lobster sauce' and shredded lettuce.

The Lobster Roll is also a relatively healthy option for a fast food product - clocking in at just 290 calories.

Mashed Potato Burger (China)

The Chinese take on McDonald’s menu items often throw up some surprising additions and the Mashed Potato Burger is no exception. 

Exclusive to China, the concept of this burger is a strange one. Eaters will find two beef patties sitting on a layer of lettuce, bacon and creamy ‘mayo style’ sauce - with a generous portion of mashed potato slathered on top.

The Mashed Potato Burger will set you back the equivalent of just $3. It does however pack a serious punch in the 'calorific' department with a total of 782 calories per burger.

The creation itself was part of the ‘Manly’ campaign McDonald’s rolled out across China and was solely concocted to appeal to male consumers.

Bagel Burger (France)

First available back in 2012, McDonald's France released the breakfast inspired bagel burger. With their bagel bun already featured as part of the brand's early morning menu; filled with a pork patty, egg and even bacon, a fresher lunchtime alternative seemed a logical step.

The Bagel Burger was available in three delicious varieties. Sandwiched between a sliced bagel bun - a slice of cheese with customers able to choose from red onions or bacon to sit on top of a bed of lettuce.

Originally priced at around $4, the bagel burger was about 500 calories in total, roughly the same as the breakfast option.

McBifana Roll (Portugal)

On McDonald's Portuguese menu you’ll find the quirkily titled McBifana Roll. 

The Golden Arches’ take on Portugal's national snack consists of thinly sliced beef or pork on a hardy roll and a topping of ‘sour’ sauce.

Packing a surprisingly heavy 600 calories and costing around $5, with its sweet sugary sauce as the main culprit, this roll is ideally consumed more as a treat.

Double Deluxe Shrimp Burger (South Korea)

Served in a soft and plump, sesame seed sprinkled bun, the Shrimp Burger is jam packed with a delicious seafood patty encased in batter.


Topped with lettuce and a big Mac inspired sauce, the creation is served in a quarter pounder-esque structure, but with surf rather than turf!

At around $7, this burger is one of the more expensive items on the list and its batter content makes it quite an unhealthy option for South Korean customers.